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meI live in Krakow. I hope this blog will help me to stop from this all run, work, my and others negative emotions. I just want to get back to moments when I could just stop and watch and listen, not only run. I wanted also to overcome myself. I love doing things perfect, but I know my English isn’t perfect, my photos aren’t perfect, but I want to write this photoblog to achieve kind a strength of character and do what I like.


  1. Hi, nice to find another English-language blog about Poland. Some bloggers about Poland are putting together a collaborative blog and we’re looking for contributors. It would be great to have a photography section too.

    Have a look:

  2. Quick question. I don’t know if you’ve seen my recent post on Polandian but I was wondering if you might know of any sources for old photos of Krakow. I don’t really want VERY old photos, stuff from the 50s to 70s would be great. Any ideas?

  3. No, I have no idea. I asked my friends, but they said you should look in some second-hand bookshops. You can try google. I’m not from Krakow, so I don’t have any family photos.

  4. I think your photos are great! Don’t underestimate yourself. You have a natural eye for color and wonder in everyday scenery.

  5. Thank you 🙂

  6. Thanks Wiosanna, probably a good idea. I was just hoping for an easy, lazy solution 🙂

  7. miło tu….

  8. dzięki 🙂

  9. Trafiłem tu przypadkiem (przez te fajerwerki z okazji Twojej kolacji) i muszę przyznać, że bardzo mi się spodobało. Już się za-rss-owałem. Gratulki – bo zdjęcia naprawdę fajne. Idealnie oddają nazwę bloga 🙂
    Pozdrowienia z Czyżyn 😉

  10. Meetom, na fajerwerki się zapatrzyłam, że aż zapomniałam o aparacie 😉 Dzięki, pozdrowienia z Bronowic

  11. Thanks for your comment, Your photos are truly great! ( is my blog.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. hi, just found your site from Wondering if your asian too. I am a Filipina living here in Poland particularly in Piekary Slaskie that is 2 hours away from krakow. I frequent krakow since i am in love with the place and there is one friend there I know. take care!

  13. Hello
    My name is Maxilla, and im from Scandinavia.

    im about to launch a feet/feetwear modeling website, and im intrested to find photograf/model.

    i pay good…keep in touch if you are intrested!

    Best regards / Maxilla

  14. milo tutaj i jak podobnie (nazwa) 🙂

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